Common Workflow Examples

The videos below provide an overview of the different environments in which the aQ Video Server can operate, including:

  • Time Delay
  • VTR Replacement
  • Studio Workflow
  • Playout
  • Replay
  • Media Archive

Time Delay

The Autocue Video Server is an ideal, proven device for inexpensive and flexible delayed playback of program/satellite streams. Features include scheduled record and playback based on timecode and maintenance of VANC and Closed Captioning data.

VTR Replacement

Autocue Video Servers support a wide variety of codecs and formats making it ideal as a simple tape replacment device. It can be operated directly from the machine or controlled via a third-party device.

Studio Workflow

Autocue Video Servers offer an extensive studio record and playout features including bi-directional ports, ganged recording, simultaneous proxy encoding, and encoding of post-production ready files.


Autocue Video Servers provide an inexpensive yet powerful platform for automated and scheduled playout. They include support for a wide variety of formats and codecs, and an open approach to command and control.


Autocue's replay system includes ganged recording and playback and advanced markers from the Media Command Centre. Autocue's automation system allows multiple events and devices to be managed from a single button.

Media Archive

Autocue's Video Server can act as a central ingest and storage point, and be used in conjunction with the Autocue MediaStation, Automated Data Archive Management media servers and LTO archive devices to create a complete system.