Video Server Overview

The most cost-effective and flexible server on the market

aQ Video Servers are the most cost-effective multi-format ingest, storage and playout video servers, per channel and per format, on the market today. They can be used standalone as an e-VTR or VTR replacement, as part of an aQ newsroom / automation system, or as part of other third-party transmission or automation systems. Common applications include:

  • VTR replacement/ e-VTR
  • Time delay
  • Studio ingest
  • Play-out
  • Sports Replay
  • NAS
  • Archive
  • Master Control
  • Sports / Research Analysis

The simple user interface, wide range of format and codec handling and flexible control options, make the aQ Video Server a must for your newsroom or production workflow.

Each hardware variant of the aQ Video Server offers:

  • Proven technology with a Linux based core for excellent stability
  • Bi-directional ports that can be instantly switched between ingest and playback i.e. a 2-port server can be 2 in/ 0 out, 1 in/ 1 out, or 0 in/ 2 out at any given time, giving you incredible flexibility and value for money
  • Handling of a wide array of codecs and formats to cater for a wide variety of workflows
  • GigE Ethernet connection for quick movement of files on/off the server, and daisy-chaining of multiple servers together
  • Flexibility to align with any other preferred server-based workflow e.g. Grass Valley, Playbox, Avid etc.
  • Ability to be controlled by third-party devices and systems, integrating in to end-to-end workflows (subject to appropriate licenses being purchased)

Flexible software licenses to create your desired workflow:
Any combination of optional software licenses can be added to each machine in order to create your desired functionality and workflow (e.g. creating playlists, linking ports together for simultaneous playback or record operations, marking in and out points, and third party control via VDCP or P9 protocols). This means that you only pay for the functionality that you use, and one machine could be configured to fulfil a number of different applications that would traditionally be delivered via a number of server devices e.g. a VTR replacement and a studio ingest server.


Find out more about our common workflows, hardware specifications, format and codec support, software licenses and case studies by clicking on the links above.