Company Overview

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AQ Broadcast Limited was established in 2013 after a management buyout of the workflow division of Autocue. But while the company itself is brand new, the products, and the people involved in developing, selling and supporting them, have been long-established under the Autocue brand name.

Autocue and QTV (in the Americas) have been providing the broadcast industry with teleprompting software, hardware and services since the 1950s. A natural extension to prompting has always been script preparation, and Autocue have provided a variety of scripting systems since the 1980s. In the early 1990s they became resellers for the Newsmaker 'NEN' DOS-based newsroom system, with particular success in the new regional ITV stations which started operation in the UK in 1993. By 1995 Autocue had started to develop its own networked scripting and newsroom system - WinCue - and by the late nineties, and particularly over the transition into 2000, had wide success with the resulting QSeries range of products. These continued to evolve and extend to cover hardware as well as software, with the introduction of video servers in 2010 and the production suite in 2012. This same range of products is now developed, sold and supported by aQ, and we are the only company to offer the television industry a single solution for newsroom, scripting, automation, media management and video servers, all with direct integration to the Autocue teleprompter range.

All of the aQ team at the point of the MBO had previously worked for Autocue for many years, but the CEO and CTO in particular joined over 20 years ago, at the start of the rollout into the ITV regions. This unbroken service in the broadcast industry provides the foundation for aQ's extensive experience today.