Technical Specifications for Supported Formats

The detailed specifications for wrapper and encode formats supported by v4 firmware (applying to all aQ Broadcast Engine, Video Server and Media System products) can be downloaded here. A more extensive summary is available at the end of the document, but in very simple terms:

  • Almost any common file format can be played back, in almost any resolution and frame rate, including AVI, DV-DIF, FLAC, FLV, MP3, MXF, Quicktime & MP4, plus still images (JPEG, BMP & PNG)
  • Files from a Nexio server (LXF) can be played back directly without prior conversion
  • Some formats are supported for only for end-to-end-playback-only, including AIFF, ASF, GXF, MPEG stream
  • Almost any common video format can be played back, including DV-Video, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 pt.2, DNxHD, h.264/AVC (MPEG-4 pt.10), Motion JPEG, ProRes, Dirac, HEVC/h.265, JPEG-2000 & uncompressed RGB/YUV. Other recognised formats include h.261, h.263, Apple Intermediate Codec, Flash Video, and many others. Playback support for audio formats includes PCM, MPEG-1 audio (layer 1,2,3), AAC, FLAC, AC-3 & Apple Lossless
  • Recording is possible into a range of file formats: Quicktime (default), AVI, DV-DIF, MP4, MXF D-10, MXF OP-1a & MXF Op-Atom
  • Video encodings supported for recording include Apple ProRes, DNxHD, DV Video, DVSD/DVCPro25/DVCPro50, Motion JPEG, MPEG-2 & MPEG-4 part 2, with options for h.264/AVC and DVCPro-HD
  • Audio encodings supported for recording include Uncompressed (PCM), AAC, MPEG Layer 2 & FLAC
  • The range of supported formats is expanding continuously



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