Video Server Models

There are a number of standard variants of the aQ Video Server, each with two or four bi-directional ports, a range of storage capacities, a choice of drive type, and single or dual power supplies. In addition, there are storage-only and ports-only servers that can be used where the volume of storage or number of ports needs to be increased or separated to support the desired workflow. All of the servers run the same standard firmware and any combination of licenses can be added to any variant of the server to create the desired workflow. Simply choose the hardware model that best meets your requirements.

Two Port SD/HD Server

  • Two input / output ports
  • 3 TB useable storage (no RAID protection)
  • Single PSU

SSD Two / Four Port SD/HD Server

  • Two or Four input / output ports
  • 2 TB useable storage (no RAID protection)
  • Single PSU

Four Port SD/HD Server (VS-08)

  • Four input / output ports
  • 5.4 TB useable storage (RAID 6)
  • Redundant PSU
  • Click here for some VS-08 images

Four Port High Capacity SD/HD Server

  • Four input / output ports
  • 12 TB useable storage (RAID 6)
  • Redundant PSU

Ports-only Server

  • Four input / output ports
  • No internal storage
  • Redundant PSU

Storage-only Server

  • No ports
  • 12 TB useable storage (RAID6)
  • Redundant PSU

Any combination of units can be daisy-chained together for larger systems. If you have a specific and larger storage/ ports requirement and don’t see anything that immediately meets your needs, we may also propose a bespoke hardware configuration – please contact to discuss your requirements.

Server Control Options

Options for direct control of the aQ Video Server include:

  • Keyboard and mouse connected directly to the server
  • Remote access via a networked PC (additional license)
  • ShuttleXpress / ShuttlePro
  • JL Cooper (e.g. JLCooper ES-450 SP RS-422) and other third-party controllers
  • Touchscreen monitors


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