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aQ Production Suite powers BroadcastShow at BVE 2014

BVE 2014 – London: AQ Broadcast Limited provided an aQ Production Suite (APS) system to BroadcastShow for use throughout the exhibition to support live production and play-out of the official video channel. The seven-port unit, configured for five camera inputs and two outputs (one to the on-set monitor and the other to the streaming system), provided a range of functionality from a single 3U chassis, including video and audio mixing, caption generation, stills playback, video clip playout (including automatic sequences of pre-recorded material when no live material was being broadcast), routing control and output recording. The APS was teamed with QNews and the Automation Control Centre (ACC) – aQ Broadcast’s newsroom and automation systems respectively – to allow multiple users to work together to prepare and run the shows. The ACC was particularly appropriate for the BroadcastShow live productions, as it simplifies the actions required by the operator in order to switch between live cameras and pre-recorded clips.

Katherine Gibson was the Director / Vision Mixer throughout the three days of live production. She had no previous experience of aQ Broadcast systems, but was impressed at how easy they were to use. Kat commented “Working on aQ Broadcast's Production Suite at BVE was an absolute delight. It was fantastic how simple it was to follow, everything I needed was there and easy to find, and I loved how customisable it was. It made my job at the show a lot easier”.

aQ Broadcast have been involved with a number of previous BroadcastShow productions. “After using the APS on many live shows we’ve come to rely on the system for quick set-up and most importantly easy training of operators as we tend to change these depending on the project or event” commented BroadcastShow’s Simon Tillyer. “A trade show floor is an extreme environment for any live operation, with visitors asking questions in the middle of live shows, walking on set and randomly adjusting cameras, so knowing the switcher is in good hands in one less thing to worry about. We’ve found the intuitive workflow and options provided by the APS ticks all the boxes for the live shows we do and it’s been a pleasure experiencing first-hand the development of the system over the last 18 months”.

All of the programs and interviews recorded at the show are available at www.broadcastshow.com

The aQ Production Suite in use at BVE 2014, showing four operator screens (in this configuration) and one administrator position.&nbsp;

The aQ Production Suite in use at BVE 2014, showing four operator screens (in this configuration) and one administrator position. 

The operator's view of the aQ Production Suite&nbsp;during one of the&nbsp;BroadcastShow productions during BVE 2014.

The operator's view of the aQ Production Suite during one of the BroadcastShow productions during BVE 2014.