Considering a new Video Server system?

We have a wide range of possible video server configurations, suitable for use in almost every broadcast environment. There are a number of points to be considered in order that we can offer the perfect configuration for your project:

  • Which video standard would you need to use – for instance, SD or HD?
  • Which format (codec/wrapper) would you want to record into?
  • Our servers can have either bi-directional ports (so they have separate input and output SDI connections) and can be switched on-the-fly between a recorder and a player, or single channels (with one SDI connection) which can be set as an input or an output. Would you prefer bi-directional ports, channels or a combination?
  • How much storage would you need? We can provide almost any capacity from 1 TB to hundreds of TB, although the capacity in hours will obviously vary according to the standard and format of material being used.
  • How much resilience would you need? We can provide different types of hardware platform according to requirements for the environment, ranging from single PSU and unmirrored drives to dual PSUs and hardware-based RAID-6 redundancy.
  • Do you have particular size or environment considerations - for instance, a particular rack height/depth requirement or intended for use in a vehicle?
  • Finally, how would you want to use the server – for instance, what type of production environment would it be used in? We can support a very wide range of applications, from simple recording through live/studio production to full 24x7 transmission environments (and a lot more!), so we would need to tailor the available functionality to your particular project.