Options for multi-site Transmission/Newsroom solutions

We've been looking at different options for group operation across multiple sites. We can provide a completely integrated solution for both Transmission/MCR and Newsroom, including scheduling and NRCS software and video server storage and input/output hardware - but there are still different ways in which that integrated system could be configured. For instance, each site could support its own MCR and studio production, or the group could operate a centralised model, with MCR and news production at the Hub, and only news gathering taking place at the Spoke sites.

The pack of drawings, attached, illustrates:

  • the QNews (NRCS) server structure for fully-centralised operation
  • an alternate QNews structure for distributed news production
  • a possible aVS (video server) configuration for centralised MCR and news operations
  • a modified aVS configuration supporting local news production
  • a possible aVS configuration for a single site, where MCR and NRCS are distributed
  • an alternative distributed model, where MCR and News storage is split at each site
  • an example of how individual aVS storage at different sites can appear as a single media volume - allowing clips to be scheduled before they exist in the required location and supporting automatic media movement and conversion

Of course, these are just a few examples - almost any configuration of storage, I/O and functionality is possible with our flexible systems.